Senior Transportation

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The Cliffside Park Housing Authority operates a senior transport bus that takes the senior citizens of Cliffside Park to places like Shoprite in Palisades Park to pick up groceries and City place in Edgewater to do some personal shopping. The Senior Transport Bus also offers limited transportation to and from the Senior Activity Center.

Bill Yu, the transportation manager and driver, was interviewed to find out what the bus is really about.  The schedule has a variety of places on it such as Garden State Plaza, Target, and Trader Joes. Every Friday of the month, special day trips will take place. The trip generally corresponds to the season we are in. During the summer, day trips could include going to Point Pleasant beach, or going to the race track. In the winter, indoor day trips are scheduled. The bus does not operate on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays.

The maximum amount of people on the bus at one time is 20 and all trips are first come first serve. The bus starts at the Senior Activity Center at 550 Gorge Road and then stops at all major bus stops around town.  The bus also stops at major apartment buildings such as The Green House and the Winston Tower buildings.

Need a bus pass? They are available at the Senior Activity Center and the 550 building. Stop in Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  All you need is identification, proof of address and proof of age. The only requirement is that you are a citizen of Cliffside Park or an active member of the Cliffside Park Senior Activity Center.

·         If you are a senior and a Cliffside Park citizen and you don’t live in the building, our bus is advertised in the Bergen News and in the Cliffside Citizen.

·         You must be a resident who is 62 years old or older, a disabled resident, or an active member of the Cliffside Park Activity Center.

·         You must have a pass to ride on the bus.

·         You must make a reservation for any of the trips you would like to attend.

·         The bus is free for anyone with the above requirements.

·         All riders must call 201-943-3768 and make a reservation for the bus in advance.  No one will be admitted on the bus without a reservation or bus pass.

·         Any senior citizen who wants a bus pass must pick it up in person. Bus passes cannot be mailed.